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10-9-18  Just a note to let you all know I am still building psalteries.  I have been steadily building and selling from a list of orders.  I'm at a point now of being caught up, so I'll be building the next few to place here on the website for sale.  I have a flame red box elder/maple tenor psaltery that is ready for the stings to be installed.  I'll take pictures and record soundclips of that instrument soon.  Back to work for me.

6-1-18  The used baritone has sold.

5-1-18  Used baritone psaltery is available.  Go to the baritone page for more details.

4-24-18  I have stopped taking International orders as of today.  A recent experience with a shipment to Germany has led me to knowing it is not worth the hassle.  Sales to US only.

3-31-18  I have stopped building the baritone model.  I still plan to keep building the Alto, Tenor, and D Tenor psalteries.  No new baritone orders will be taken.

2-27-18  I am creating a text box above to announce the 2018 Bowed Psaltery Gathering.  Many of you already know that I hosted my last one in 2017.  Gail VanAmberg has decided to host it this year.  All contact for information and registering will need to go directly to her.  I plan to attend and will be teaching a workshop. 

2-7-18  A new Tenor psaltery has been added to the site today.

I announced at this years gathering that it would be the last one for me to host.  I have enjoyed each and every one of them and want to thank everyone that attended and made them a success.

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I have been building and playing bowed psalteries for the past 34 years.  A love of music and woodworking began at an early age.  At my fathers side, I became familiar with walnut, cherry, cedar and other woods native to North America.   I gained great love and respect for the use of these materials  The projects we completed provided the skills required for creating the beautiful instruments you find here today.  My love for music came from my mother, she is very talented and can play the piano really great by ear. Quality and service are my top priorities.  My long experience in playing the bowed psaltery gives me the knowledge to know what works well and what doesn't.  My goal is to create the very best bowed psalteries available anywhere.

I love to tinker and come up with new designs.  Some new ideas come out of my own head.  I do listen to customers, many design changes have come from customer comments and wishes.

Please take a moment to browse the site.  See the variety of figured woods used.   Listen to the samples of my recordings.  Visit my workshop page and see where these wonderful instruments are made.  I take pride in offering lots of sound clips and videos, showing how my psalteries sound and are played.  I even give you some sound clip examples of each psaltery I list for sale.  I believe I am the only builder that offers this on their web site.  The only better way to shop and compare, is to be standing in my workshop trying them out in person.  You are even welcome to travel to East Tennessee to do that.  I do all this because I am very proud of the quality bowed psalteries that I build and want you to be able to judge them for yourself.

Enjoy your time here, come back and visit often.

Blue is Alto

Yellow is Tenor

Red is Baritone

Purple is D Tenor

Here's how the voices of all the different models of psalteries I build, compared to the piano keyboard in pitch.  You can clearly see that they all have quite a few notes in common.  Some folks are confused by the names soprano, tenor, and baritone, but they are just names to distinguish each model I build.  Other builders may have a different opinion of what they call the psalteries they build.  The important thing to consider is the range of notes, from the lowest to the highest.  This will tell you what to expect.  The first sound clip listed by each psaltery I offer for sale, gives you something to listen to and hear the entire range of notes.  Every builder should do the same, so you have a chance to hear and compare.  Even with some of the notes overlapping, there are still differences in tone.  The has a lot to do with the size of the psaltery soundbox and the type and size of strings used.
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2018 Bowed Psaltery Gathering

I am placing this on my site to announce the 2018 Gathering.  I no longer host this event.  It will be hosted by Gail VanAmberg, so all contact for information and registration should go directly to her.  I have a copy of her flyer posted here on my site.  It has her email and mailing address.