Ringing Strings Bowed Psalteries  

handcrafted by Rick Long
Clinton, Tennessee
(865) 660-4026

Here is a larger picture of what is included with each bowed psaltery -
Padded Case
Tuning Wrench
Extra Strings
Instruction DVD and Three Songbooks
Total of sixty-seven songs
Note Markers

This tune is "When It's Iris Time in Tennessee".  It used to be the Tennessee state song.  This shows an example of how to easily reach to the left side of the psaltery for a sharp or flat (like playing a black key on a piano).  Notice how I tip the psaltery toward the bow to make that reach a little smoother and quicker.

This tune is "Christmas Day Ida Moarnin'".  It's a great tune and I love to play it.  This is a good example of how to hold the psaltery and bow when playing. 
Scroll on down the page to see the soprano psalteries that I have available.  There are pictures, descriptions of the wood, and sound clips of each one being played.
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To Order -

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12-19-15  I have a few new soprano psalteries ready to list on the site.  These have been a long time coming, but I have finally finished a few.  Look for the update soon.

These small soprano psalteries are perfect for beginners.  The small size will fit little hands, great as a starter instrument. 

This small soprano psaltery is the smallest I make.  Just under 15" long and 5" wide.  Twenty-two strings with a chromatic octave and a sixth in range - C5 to A6

This was the first of my psaltery designs and the only model I made and sold for many years.  The "Play by Number" songbooks are designed to use with this psaltery, even though they will work with any of the others.  Every song in within the playing range of this one.  Great psaltery for a child, because of the size, but is also versital enough to use for any player.  I can play most every song I know on one of these, especially after demonstrating them for many years at craft fairs.
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Top - Figured Mahogany
Back - Walnut

Item Number - FMWA06

Price - $290 SOLD

The soundboard is a piece of figured mahogany with great color.

The back is some Tennessee black walnut.  Beautiful combination.

This psaltery is too small to fit on my tripod holder attachment for double bowing.  I can custom build one for it if you want.  I can't build it after shipped, I need the psaltery to build the holder for a perfect fit.
Below are a few recent builds that have sold.  I am leaving some of the pictures to show some of the wood combinations that are available
Quartersawn Redwood and walnut
Quilted Maple and walnut
Wormy Chestnut and walnut